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Wind-Up Warrior: Introducing Patch 1.3.0!
26 FEB, 2016 by joyforge
Today we released the first major update for Wind-Up Warrior, Patch 1.3.0! See below for a full list of changes.

Major Changes
• New Orbs - Warp Orb, Magic Orb and Power Orb! Warp directly to a previously beaten stage, power-up with extra stat points and reforge your items magic properties!
• Chaos Items - Exclusive to the Chaos Dimension, this ultra-rare legendary loot can pack a real punch!
• Premium + Gifts - Help support us and unlock no ads, gold armour skin, and receive free in-game gifts!

Minor Changes
• Accompanying the introduction of Warp Orbs is an overworld map screen
• Added new achievements for Chaos Items - see if you can discover them all!
• All bosses now have a chance to drop a random orb, some more common than others
• Significantly increased the stat bonuses provided by uncommon, rare and legendary loot
• Increased level cap for Attack and Defence stance from 10 to 20
• Enemies deal slightly more damage and have larger health pools overall
• Increased Defence and Speed stance experience gain
• Increased damage bonus provided by ATK stat
• Increased the potential enemy count for Chaos Dimension floors
• Decreased the potential enemy count for levels in Story Mode
• Receive in-game gifts by watching video ads

Thank you all for your support!


Wind-Up Warrior is out now on Google Play!
2 DEC, 2016 by joyforge
We're super excited to announce that Wind-Up Warrior is available for download on Google Play. Are you ready for the challenge?

Keep up-to-date with all the happenings on our Facebook and Twitter - we've got some really cool ideas floating around for future content, so stay tuned!


We are nearing release!
3 AUG, 2016 by joyforge
A big thank you to everyone who participated in the alpha testing for Wind-Up Warrior! While we have a bit more work to do, we're anticipating the release of Wind-up Warrior in the not to distant future.

We can't wait to get the game in your hands - keep an eye out!


Wind-Up Warrior is now in ALPHA!
25 JUN, 2016 by joyforge
We're pleased to announce that Wind-Up Warrior is now in open alpha, and is available to download, and test out, from Google Play. If you'd like to participate, you can sign up and download the game here!

Your support means a lot to us!